Safety & Wellness

School SafetyHigher ed and K-12 campuses are complex working environments with endless moving parts. With so much happening around a condensed population, how do you ensure everyone stays safe?

We Can Help

E&I understands the importance of preventing injuries and illnesses at your institution – and the need to avoid not only the physical distress these incidents can cause, but the financial repercussions as well.

From risk mitigation and emergency preparedness, to ensuring safe chemical handling, health, wellness, and more, E&I’s portfolio of safety suppliers offers the products and services you need to maintain a safe campus environment for students, staff, and visitors alike.

Suppliers with Safety in Mind

Browse our contract portfolio to find what you need for all aspects of a safe campus, including:

  • General Safety Products & Services
    • The basics for ensuring every corner of campus is safe
  • Laboratory, Biological & Chemical Safety
    • Apparel, respirators, safety cabinets, spill control…
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Duty of care, catering insurance, reputation management…
  • Emergency Preparedness
    • Natural disasters, prefabricated structures, equipment rentals…
  • Wellness
    • Nutrition, fitness equipment, pharmacy benefits management…
  • Health Care
    • Student health center and hospital supplies, furniture…
  • Ergonomics
    • Products designed to lessen muscle fatigue and reduce injuries
  • Physical Environment
    • Indoor air quality, reducing VOCs, clean and green products…
  • Safety Communications
    • Portable devices, distributed antenna systems, small cell networks…


School Safety

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